Systemic Anti-cancer Therapy (SACT) Online Course

Our fully online course will develop your knowledge, skills and experience in administering SACT and managing patient care.

  • Study at your own pace
  • Receive feedback and support from experienced practitioners
  • Obtain 30 academic credits
  • Add NHS SACT competencies to your ESR
  • Apply and join us throughout the year

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Who is this course for?

This online course has been designed for registered health professionals who are required to administer SACT or manage the care of patients prescribed SACT treatment. This includes staff who conduct pre-treatment consultations or run oral SACT clinics.

Course overview

The online course content includes:

  • The hazardous nature of SACT and safe handling
  • Introductory cancer biology
  • SACT pharmacology and treatment toxicities
  • Patient centred-care and informational support
  • Care before, during and after SACT administration
  • Preventing and managing hazards and treatment-related emergencies
  • Route-specific SACT administration care: oral; IM/SC; IV
  • Pre-treatment consultation

Online learning

Our online course has been developed from the ground up to create a flexible and supportive experience.

The online learning experience includes:

  • Bite-sized interactive video lecture
  • Quizzes and activities
  • Demonstrations
  • Live classes and tutorials
  • Reflective exercises
  • Feedback and support from a MDT including experienced cancer nurses, oncologists and pharmacists

This module is delivered fully online and is hosted on the Guy's Cancer Academy learning platform, which can be accessed at anytime and on any device.

Course Fees

Fees vary dependent on your place of work.

Please email us to find out about course rates and potential discounted/funded places.

The course fees include all required materials, a copy of the SACT Passport, and King’s College London accreditation.

Time Commitment

Student's will be expected to plan and manage their own study time. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange study time with their manager prior to starting the course.

The required study time to complete the online learning and SACT Passport is approximately 150 hours.

The required study time to complete the King’s College London academic assignment is approximately 150 hours also.

Requirements for Practice Assessment

Sign-off SACT assessors need to:

  • Be employed at Band 6 or above
  • Have current SACT competence
  • Have a mentorship and/or teaching qualification
  • Have a post-qualifying award at level 6 or above
  • The employing organisation should also ensure that quality assurance mechanisms in place to govern SACT practice assessment

Application details and deadlines

We run the course four times a year. The course runs for 12 weeks and these timings are linked with KCL accreditation deadlines.

Application deadline Start date KCL application deadline
14th February 2021 2nd March 2021 15th September 2021
15th May 2021 1st June 2021 15th December 2021
14th August 2021 31st August 2021 15th March 2022

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